Lisa Bataska Dog Training - Relationship Focused Dog Training in a Fun and Caring Environment!

Relationship Focused Dog Training
in a Fun and Caring Environment! | 219-242-2844


TRAINING - Love her training style!  Check out her agility classes, seminars and workshops. - Only dog training facility in Valparaiso with turf!  Great classes and rentals available. - Located close to downtown Plainfield.  Another great place to train with turf! - Visit this site for classes and rentals in Illinois' Northwestern suburbs.  They have Turf! - Located just over the Illinois/Wisconsin border, check out this place for Herding! - In South Elgin, this facility offers a number of classes including Tricks, Agility, Downtown Hound and more! - For the Northern Illinois suburbs, I highly recommend Margaret Simek.  She is an attentive and energetic instructor!


BOARDING/DAYCARE/GROOMERS - Located in Valparaiso, Indiana.  They do a great job grooming dogs! Plus they have a boutique! - Located in Valparaiso, Indiana. A private dog park and coming soon...Daycare! - Some of you may know I am a stickler about daycare.  Well I have been very impressed with this place of business.  Clean, caring, interested in the benefit of the dogs and their customers.  Check them out if you are looking for a daycare location or a place to board your beloved pet!
PET BOUTIQUES - Located in Crown Point, Indiana, this place has many items that you will not find in your average pet store.  These ladies are super helpful too! 
INFORMATION Changing the future of dogs, one puppy at a time through cutting-edge dog breeding and puppy raising techniques! - Dr. Jean Dodds blood testing for Titers, Thyroid and more! - For information on canine massage.  They are fantastic! - For information on understanding dogs and dog behavior!  Also check out C.A.R.A.T - how I selected my last three dogs. - Great supplements at a good cost for you and your dog! - Take a look at this growing sport!  An activity every dog can do!  - For great information regarding everything Agility! - Looking for a fantastic Conformation Handler, check out this website! She has worked with my dogs too!
- Great rescue group to work with and adopt from!
JUST FOR FUN! -For action photography and more, check out this website! - For great portraits of your dogs, this is the place to go! - Be sure to check out "Wolves" January 2011!  My favorite!



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