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The Board and Train program is a great way to start your pup off right.

What will my pup's day look like?
Your pup will live with one of our experienced trainers for 2 weeks or more. He will live in our home, travel to and from the facility with us, learn how to be crated when not working or exercising, train in classes and Day School, be handled by different trainers so behaviors are established/secured.    
Can I visit my pup?  Yes.  We understand that giving up your pup is tough.  You will need to schedule a time to visit so a trainer can be available to answer questions and ensure your pup is practicing the proper behaviors we are working.  You are welcome to contact us for updates. 
How successful is the program? Will it transfer to my home? The answer is yes, provided you enforce the training at home.  We, as trainers, are consistent and take the time to teach the lesson.  Upon completion of the program, we will review the items taught, you will receive a handout, we provide phone support and after your pup has been with you a week or two, a private lesson is also included to cover any concerns regarding the training your pup has received.  
What is the cost and recommended time frame? We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks to establish behaviors.  If you are looking to secure behaviors, you should consider a month of training.  Like most relationships and habits, dog behaviors take time and practice.  The cost for the 2 week program is $1500, 3 weeks is $2100, 4 weeks is $2800.
Interested?  Please call us for availability. 

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