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LISA BATASKA is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), a Former Certified K9 Nosework Instructor and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She has taken a 200 hour Canine Massage Course through Canine Massage Chicago.  She believes in continuing her education working with dogs and strives to find compassionate approaches to help people and their dogs understand one another. With more than 14 years in the dog training industry, Lisa has come to understand the importance of accepting each animal as an individual. It is when this is achieved, human and canines can fully enjoy each other, much like any other relationship in life.

Lisa has gained her knowledge and experience, and attended seminars to further her understanding of dogs, dog training and dog behavior. Some of the speakers that have helped shape her views and training beliefs are:  Suzanne Clothier, Sue Sternberg, Dr. Jean Dodds, Dr. Karen Overall, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Temple Grandin, Dana Pike, Ken Ramirez,  Denise Theobald.    

She currently shares her life and home with her husband, Bruce, and several dogs ranging from Australian Shepherds to Papillions. She competes and has attained a number of titles in activities such as;  Agility, Rally, Nosework, Obedience, Barnhunt, Frisbee, Herding, Dock Diving, Conformation, Tricks, Flyball.

She allows her dogs to work in the venues that they enjoy and show preference towards. From the Nervous Nellie to Aspiring Stars, she appreciates her dogs for what each brings to the relationship.  Additionally, she has contributed to helping dogs in need of homes by fostering, evaluating and training with rescue organizations such as Midwest Border Collie Rescue, Aussie Rescue Midwest, Illinois Doberman Rescue, Giant Paw Prints, Sunshine Paws, Lakeshore Paws and others.  While working with dogs it also became apparent to Lisa that goals were only accomplished if the dog has the mental and physical ability to handle the task at hand. She feels it is her calling to help dogs and people connect emotionally, so together they can enjoy activities whether it is in competition or everyday life.


SUSAN CLEVELAND’s first experience with dog training was as a kid in her local 4-H dog obedience program. At the time, it used more punishment-based methods, which were often frustrating and unsuccessful.  After getting Bleys, her first dog as an adult, she attended a puppy class at the humane society where she worked. There she was introduced to positive reinforcement training using a clicker.  It was a pivotal moment that brought together her psychology experience in Behaviorism from her degree in biology education from Western Michigan University and her love of dogs.  Training was suddenly far more successful and more importantly, fun!

She and Bleys started on a journey through Animal Facilitated Therapy and Rally-O, and after Bleys was a diagnosis of a heart murmur at age 3 they took up Flyball, which quickly became their passion.  Bleys lost his hearing by age 6 which challenged, then deepened, their training relationship. 

They added Wixer, a Border Staffy, to the family and soon they were also adding Agility, Disc Dog, Dock Dog, Tricks, Nosework, and Barn Hunt.  Through the process of helping Wixer through a soft tissue injury, she learned a great deal about canine fitness for the canine athlete and eventually went on to become a certified Fitpaws Master Trainer. 

Most recently Border Whippet Whimsy joined their pack and has started in on the fun.  Susan has a passion for learning about dog training and dog sports, and she enjoys teaching people and dogs.  She brings her knowledge and experience teaching people and dogs to every training session.

Sheri is a nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).  She is currently an A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen Evaluator with the American Kennel Club. Sheri is a Purdue University graduate in Nursing with a minor in biology and a degree in Consumer and Family Science (foods and nutrition).

With over 20 years of dog training and behavior experience, Sheri continues to enjoy helping people learn how to work & play with their dogs. Sheri’s #1 goal while dog training is: To help build a healthy relationship between the dog and their owner.  Her training philosophies focus on positively teaching the pet owner how to understand and provide what the dog “needs” as a canine species first. She strives to motivate each owner to reach further and educate themselves regarding building a relationship with their pet.

Over the years, Sheri has successfully competed in AKC, UKC, & CDSP obedience, rally, tracking, herding, conformation, and barn hunt.   Sheri believes the art of dog training is ever evolving and requires continuous education through reading, seminars, and sharing with other trainers to be truly knowledgeable.  In addition to training; Sheri has a passion for health and holistic nutrition in canines and felines and has owned Natural Pets Nutrition Center & Dog Training in Lake of the Four Seasons area since 2004. Her belief for an animal is “what you put in is what you get out” just like training a professional athlete. Therefore, she believes when you have a physically healthy and mentally balanced dog… anyone, at any age, can enjoy the great benefits you get from a human-canine relationship. In 2016, Sheri launched her new rescue venture: Perfect Pup Rescue & Rehab which is an all-breed rescue. Sheri has had many animal species over the years from dogs, cats and horses to reptiles and llama that she loves to trail hike with. Sheri resides with her husband, Randall, her dogs, cats and llama at Three Birch Farm in Hebron, IN. 

CARRIE KELLY KPA-CTP got involved in dog training after adopting a very "independent minded and difficult to train" dog, Lacey, from the shelter. Traditional, correction-based training methods just shut Lacey down, so Carrie set out to learn a better way to train with positive reinforcement and clicker training. Lacey learned to love the "training game" and went on to earn numerous titles in agility and flyball. After attending many dog training seminars in both the US and Canada, Carrie began teaching Obedience and Agility classes for the Calumet Humane Society in Munster, IN and Agility at Paw Power Blues Dog Club in Lowell, IN. 

Most important in Carrie's dog training philosophy is making training fun for both the dog and owner. If it's not fun, who wants to do it? And you won't get results from training if you don't practice. Short fun training sessions that will fit into anyone's schedule are encouraged and taught, rather than long, boring sessions. 

Carrie continues to educate herself as both a dog trainer and handler by regularly attending workshops and seminars. She recently graduated from the internationally recognized Karen Pryor Academy, earning her Professional Training Partner certification, KPA-CTP. Carrie has competed in Agility, Flyball and Rally with her dogs and has earned multiple titles, including Championship titles. She and her husband, Jim, share their lives with an Aussie, two German Shepherds and a rescue Border Collie. In her spare time, Carrie fits in training and competition with her own dogs and provides a foster home for dogs in need for Come Bye Border Collie Rescue.

JIM KELLY is a retired Gary Indiana police officer, and is currently Corporate Security Manager for a large financial institution. Jim has a Master’s degree in Public Safety Administration from Calumet College of St. Joseph. 
Jim was first introduced to canine scent detection as a police officer working alongside the Gary police departments K9 officers. Because of his fearful and reactive, yet extremely high drive German Shepherd Xera, Jim got involved in the sport of canine scent detection in 2013. Since then Jim and Xera have earned titles in NACSW Levels 1 and 2, and titles in UKC Nosework and C-Wags scent detection with placements including High in Trial.
In the past 2 years Jim has attended various classes and workshops while continuing to educate himself in the sport of Canine Scent Detection. This past year Jim decided to pass on the knowledge he has gained by teaching Beginner through Advanced Nosework classes.
SARAH PYLE graduated from Animal Behavior College and became a certified dog trainer in 2012. Since then she has become a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, AKC CGC Evaluator, C-WAGS Scent Judge and C-WAGS Advocate. She actively competes in; Agility, Barn Hunt, Rally Obedience and Nose Work. Sarah actively continues her education on training methods through, taking classes, seminars, workshops and more. She believes training should and can be fun for the dog and human. Sarah's range of training experience extends from reactivity, sports training to the basics. She currently has three dogs; Cooper, Peety and Rocket.  
JODY THOMPSON's interest in dog training began at a young age. Teaching the basic manners, and tricks to the family’s Miniature Poodle, Monette, made her want to pursue dog training. She quickly fell in love with the Akita. She went to many dog shows and talked with several different breeders in order to further her knowledge of the breed.  Through her first Akita, from a breeder, Jody quickly learned the difference between training different types of breeds, and how individual dogs vary in training needs.  She has owned 3 Akitas in her life, and will always appreciate the lessons they have taught her.


Today, Jody has the pleasure of sharing her life with her husband Ryan, daughter Sammie, a Great Pyrenees (Koda), and a miniature American Shepherd (Chloe).  Her two dogs could not be further apart in training styles and temperament.  Koda is very laid back and easy going, but gets extremely nervous in new situations.  He has taught Jody how to have patience while training and not to push a dog beyond their limits. On the other hand, Chloe is a ball of energy, always ready to play and up for anything, nothing scares her or breaks her stride. Both Koda and Chloe train in Agility and Nosework.  Koda has recently started to compete in UKC and C-WAGS.


The process of watching a dog learn is fascinating so Jody continues to be a student by attending seminars, workshops, and taking a variety of classes.  She believes learning should be fun and exciting for both dog and the owner.  Her experience in dealing with very soft personalities and strong-headed dogs shape her understanding that every dog is unique and requires a trainer to be flexible.

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